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About me

i'm omar ("OH-mar", or əʊmɑr in IPA), and I'm a lecturer for the department of computer science at the university of illinois chicago. i earned my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from the paul g. allen school of computer science at the university of washington in 2021 and 2023 respectively. while I was there, I helped teach computer science courses, taught my own courses, and completed my master's thesis on methods for teaching proof-writing advised by Robbie Weber and Lauren Bricker. I also am very anti capital letters, as you might be able to glean from this site.

i got my start in computer science as a high school research intern at pacific northwest national laboratory, and following that decided to study it in college at the unviversity of washington. it was there that i got introduced to teaching as an undergrad teaching assistant teaching computer science courses. i eventually figured that teaching was what i enjoyed most, so i decided to pursue it as my full-time profession. i earned my bachelor of science in computer science with a minor in informatics, and went on to earn a master of science in computer science.

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the best address to reach me for professional inquiries. i might not be able to respond to inquiries quickly, but i'll do my best to respond eventually.

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